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Ever wanted to tip us, but haven’t had any change? Do you secretly like us, but don’t wanna admit it to our faces? You can now tip us via smartphone using the QR code below or by visiting http://tpjr.us/WINGSD

TiPJAR is the new way to tip, fully transparent for the customer and direct to the tipped worker. The system allows tipped workers to receive tips via QR codes, NFC and contactless it then allows peer to peer sharing with other workers within the business.

Shaken Not Broken:

During the Covid-19 pandemic TiPJAR partnered with Campari UK and The Drinks Trust to launch the Shaken Not Broken Fund with the aim of supporting the hospitality workers affected by the outbreak.

There are so many amazing and hardworking people that help provide Bristol with its amazing independent food and drink scene.  A lot of these people are likely to struggle in these uncertain times. Please check out their website here and help support hospitality workers in Bristol!